Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Most Of Us Humans Are Tribal

Most of us humans are tribal why otherwise pretend
And only one who is like minded you wish for as a friend
Though some of those who in thinking are different known to find common ground
Among the like minded strong bonds of friendship are found
Religion, culture and politics among the main cause of the social divide
As well as money and patriotism and nationalistic pride
To division and war such things to lead are known
Often in difference the seeds of mistrust are sown
That most humans are tribal seems true for to say
This is how we always were and we will always be this way
There are tribes in every village, town and city and there are even tribes in sport
You align yourself with the supporters of the sporting team you support
That most of us humans are tribal would you not agree
This is how we are and we always will be.

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