Sunday, April 29, 2018

At Moyjil

A place that is sacred to Australia's first race
Moyjil close to Warrnambool is a beautiful place
Overlooking where the Hopkins River into the Pacific flow
Of places to compare with it of only few of i do know

A beautiful place bordered by scrub and dwarf coastal trees
Where Warrnambool's first people had their corroborees
And fished in the river at the mouth of the sea shore
Sadly for their descendants a life not to last forever more

Myths and legends of Myjil of the Gundijtmara have travelled far and wide
This gem in the crown of south west Victoria's coastal countryside
Away from human made noise of the crowded street
Where the Hopkins River and the ocean does meet

On the sandy beach known as the Blue hole
People walk their dogs and enjoy peace of soul
In view of Moyjil to the Gundijtmara  a sacred place
Their legends live in history as Warrnambool's first race.

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