Sunday, April 8, 2018

You Must Be Part Of Some Grouping

Though with what i have to say on it most would disagree
Community organizations and groups not all they are made out to be
In most organizations and groups power comes into play
To be all lovey dovey is not the human way
One well known human flaw is of course self conceit
And in every group some for attention and power do compete
In this the age of self promotion narcissism in many does seem an in thing
Their own praises they only feel happy to sing
To brag of their achievements with them seems okay
Though self praise is no praise as the wise one does say
In community groups and organizations attention seeking and power are linked this will never change
Yet those without a tribe are looked on as strange
Few wish to know of the shy poor woman or man who live on their own
You must be part of some grouping for to become well known.

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