Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Most Liveable Small Town

Voted the World's most liveable small town
Just one of it's many claims to renown
Port Fairy a short walk to the Pacific shore
As a holiday destination for the wealthy in their thoughts to the fore

People flock to there from Countries far and near
To it's World renowned music festival that is held in early March every year
For a small Town in Victoria's south west countryside
Port Fairy is famous and known Worldwide

But as the most affordable small Town to live in it is not or never will be
Housing there is quite expensive as most would agree
No very poor people live in Port fairy it is mostly a rich person's town
It is not or will never be a haven for the financially down

To earthly Utopia it has to be near
Quite a lovely Town Port Fairy at any time of year
The most liveable small Town in the Human World of today
But not the most affordable to live in only true for to say.

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