Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Eastern Yellow Robins

Gray backs, heads, tails and yellow unders in north east to south east Australia where trees do abound
They spend some of their time searching for insects on the graound
They have a quiet tweeping monotonous song
To the Australian flycatcher family they do belong
Sometimes they cling to trunk or perch on low branch of tree
In this way the movement of their tiny prey they do see
A skink, insect or worm to them a tasty treat
In Nature some life forms exist for others to eat
In cup shaped nest of bark on a low branch from aerial predators hidden away
Two to three green pink speckled eggs the female bird lay
Of humankind they do not seem at all shy
Eastern yellow robins the name that they are known by
Of the Australian flycatchers among the better known
They are quite distinctive with ways of their own.

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