Friday, April 27, 2018

On The Abuse Of Our Earth Mother

The wealthiest person in his suburb today
For to remove trees for to build factories and houses his workers he pay
By his workers so many trees have been cut down
For to make him the wealthiest man in the town
And for the  making of  every millionaire and billionaire in the loss of some of her beauty our Earth Mother does pay
Does this not seem a sad thing for to have to say
From our Earth Mother us humans take and take and in return nothing does give
Yet she is the one we depend on for to live
Due to human greed so many species of wildlife are becoming rare
More creatures become endangered of extinction as the price for every new millionaire
Most of those who gain most out of our Earth Mother for her does not seem to care
For her and her creatures one thought does not spare
Yet she is the one who does feed us all
As well as every creatures from the great to the small.

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